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What is a "Schengen visa" ?

1- What is a "Schengen visa" ?

A Schengen visa, also called "C" visa, is a short stay visa (up to 90 days by semester) valid for the 26 States member of the Schengen agreement :


Czech Republic


The Netherlands


Therefore, you don’t need to apply twice when you travel to 2 or more different Schengen countries.
  • If you intend to visit only one Schengen country, you must apply at the Consulate of that specific country.
  • If you intend to visit several Schengen countries, you must apply at the Consulate of the country of your main destination (where you will be staying the longest).
  • If you intend to visit several Schengen for the same amount of time, you must apply at the Consulate of your first entry.
Duration of stay : you may stay up to 90 days in the "Schengen space" with such a visa.

2- Do you need a visa to visit France as a tourist?

 YES, if you are a citizen of the following countries even if you hold a US Permanent Resident Card ("Green Card") :


Afghanistan Albania [1] Algeria
Angola Anguilla [2] Armenia
Azerbaidjan Bahrein Bangladesh
Belize Benin Bermuda [3]
Bhutan Belarus Bolivia
Bosnia [4] Botswana Burkina Faso
Burma Burundi Cambodia
Cameroon [5] Cape Verde Cayman Islands [6]
Central Africa Chad China
China - Hong Kong [7] China - Macao [8] China - Taiwan [9]
Colombia Comoros Congo
D.R. Congo (ex-Zaïre) Cuba Djibouti
Dominica Dominican Republic Ecuador
Egypt Equatorial Guinea Eritrea
Ethiopia Fiji Gabon
Gambia Georgia [10] Ghana
Grenada Guinea Guinea Bissau
Guyana Haiti India
Indonesia Iran Iraq
Ivory Coast Jamaica Jordan
Kazakhstan Kenya Kirghizistan
Kiribati Kuweit Laos
Lebanon Lesotho Liberia
Libya Macedonia [11] Madagascar
Malawi Maldives Mali
Marshall Islands Mauritania Micronesia
Moldavia Mongolia Montenegro [12]
Montserrat [13] Morocco Mozambique
Namibia Nauru Nepal
Niger Nigeria North Korea
Oman Pakistan Palau
Palestine Papua Peru
Philippines Qatar Refugees
Russia Rwanda Solomon
Samoa Saudi Arabia Senegal
Serbia [14] Sierra Leone Somalia
South Africa South Sudan Sri Lanka
St Lucia St Thomas St Vincent
Sudan Surinam Swaziland
Syria Tadjikistan Tanzania
Thailand Togo Tonga
Trinidad & Tobago Tunisia Turkey
Turkmenistan Turks and Caicos [15] Tuvalu
Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates
Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vietnam
Virgin Islands [16] Yemen former Yugoslavia
Zambia Zimbabwe
 NO, if you hold a passport issued by a country NOT listed above, you do not need any visa to enter France for tourism, business or family visit.

However, if the purpose of your trip is NOT tourism, business or family visit then you may still be required to get a visa before your departure (please check with us at info@findvisas.com. Note that not needing a visa for France does NOT necessarily mean that you do not need one to visit the other Schengen countries.

3- How to make an appointment?


For security reasons, all applicants, except children under the age of 6, have to appear personally at the Consulate General of France in Chicago.

Please bear in mind that applications cannot be processed more than 3 months before your departure date.

The visa section is open to the public on an appointment basis, with no walk-ins allowed.

Make an appointment by clicking here

To use the system, the following configuration is required :
- Firefox 1.0 and higher
- Mozilla 1.7.8 and higher
- Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
- Adobe Acrobat reader and higher
- allow pop-ups

IF YOU CANNOT PRINT YOUR CONFIRMATION RECEIPT IT IS NOT A PROBLEM. Simply show up on the date and time of your appointment .

No appointment can be made by phone or by e-mailing us. If you are not able to attend, please free a slot by canceling your appointment.

Make sure you bring all the required documents when coming to the Consulate General.


Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Land of Scenic beauty and Fun...... Portugal

Now a day's lots of people are moving to Europe for their holidays and vacations. In European Zone there is a country called Portugal. With its wide spread Beach of Atlantic Sea and scenic beauty no one wants to finish their trip in short. For those who want to stay their longer one needs to apply for Portugal Tourist Visa (Long Stay). The culture and food gives you another reason to stay there and visit again and again.

There are lots of Tourist attractions in Portugal. You can start with Lisbon the Capital of Portugal is also called seductive city which is located on a Series of Hills. It has well build architecture and streets are narrow and winding. Lisbon is home of great traveler and discoverer Vasco Ad Gama. It has world of heritage and characteristic and delightful sites to visit. After the Lisbon one can go to SINATRA also called city of fairytale. It's mystical and enchanting palaces built on top of the hills had given Goosebumps to every visitors. It is a mixture of history & Fantasy which will bewitch every traveler.

The Places here are declared as UNESCO world heritage sites. If you want to make your family smile and relive every moment you do need to visit these places. After that you can go to the Portugal Medieval Village OBI DOS also known as Portugal's most romantic village. The Obi dos is also known as Wedding Present because it was a present to Queen Isabel on her wedding day by King Denis. The Place is now declared as National Monument. The streets here are decorated with 18th century tile Panels.

Getting into Portugal legally for over 90days is not easy if you do not have Portugal Long Term Visa. In this great times of uncertainty all over the world of economic and global Portugal offers different types of visa for you to enjoy not just Portugal even Europe also (Schengen Zone). Portugal offers Schengen Visa with multiple entries so that you can enjoy your stay attraction offered by Portugal. Also with this Portugal offers extension of visa twice for 90 days each.

So in this way you can stay in Portugal for a very long Period. If you want things to go smoothly and want to safeguard your trip kindly make sure you apply Portugal Tourist Visa well in advance. Also if you have any kind of problem in doing so you can contact your Nearest Portugal Visa Assistant Center. They have Online Visa Application form to fill and when you submit it they will get back to you either by phone call or by email. In either way they will assist you best way they can. The Portugal Tourist visa or Schengen Visa is only legal way to enter Portugal and enjoy your vacations there. Though we request you to kindly check that the agency or individual providing is not a imposter which can make your fun trip into a nightmare.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Discovery Czech Republic the city of castles

The large apartment blocks and gray landscapes, the result of decades of communist rule, already part

of the past. The Czech Republic not have 20 years of history since his split from Slovakia in 1993, reshape

their cities, apply an austere plan for economic growth and give life to a cultural and artistic avant-garde

scene that transformed perhaps, the most westerly of the east-central European nations. You can

explore this with your Czech Republic Schengen Visa.

The pulsating artery of Czech Republic is the capital Prague. One of the most beautiful cities in the world

and the chance of failing to appreciate every detail of Prague Castle, the lots of churches with Gothic

contours or Charles Bridge are one of the most attractions in the city.

Take a few days to see the castle and the wooden houses outputs of fairy tales in Cesky Krumlov,

heritage of humanity by UNESCO. Or take a train to Plzen, where the famous lager beer was invented in

1842 Incidentally, you will understand well the role of Czechs in this story to see the map names like

Bohemia (Bohemian), Budweis (Cesky Budejovice) and Plzen (Pilsen) . If you still have time, visit the

Bohemian Switzerland National Park, considered one of the most beautiful and preserved in Europe.

Another thing that you can not miss in your script is the music of the country. There are always good

concerts available with very interesting prices. Perhaps nothing better sums up this spirit than the

national anthem itself. Kde domov muj? (Where is My Home?) It’s about a land full of pine trees,

streams and flowers.


The best options are connecting flights in London (British Airways), Frankfurt (Lufthansa), Amsterdam

(KLM), Lisbon (TAP), Madrid (Iberia) and Rome (Italy). The economic company EasyJet has flights to

London, Milan, Paris and Lyon. Already Brno, in the east, is served by RyanAir via Alicante, Spain, and


Prague (and cities like Cesky Budejovice and Brno) is well connected via train to nearby major centers

such as Vienna, Salzburg, Munich and Berlin. Buses and rented cars are also good options.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Tips for Travelling to Dubai

: Dubai a Wonder Land, Place of your dream, every travelers true destination. You will experience the ultimate luxury which is beyond your expectation. Also every women’s dream the tax free shopping experience, world class structures, World’s highest building , Indoor Ski Arena and many More. One must know the process of Dubai Visa in order to get there and enjoy the world best.

Dubai Tourist Visa
Ok now we understand that you want to visit the amazing city, but like any other country in the world you need a Dubai Tourist Visa to visit UAE. As for tourist there are several types of tourist visas available for the visitors wanting to spend their holiday season in Dubai or the business man wanting to attend a business meet. Depending upon your requirement immigration department has given so many options for foreign nationals to get the visa. Mainly there are 3 types of visa. One is Short term visa which will allow you to enjoy the best weather of Dubai for 14 Days. The Dubai Tourist Visa is for 30 days. The long term visa is for 90 Days. This entire visa can be extended with reasonable Fee. Following are the requirements for the visa application:
  • The application form in the original. Can be obtained from the UAE Consulate
  • Your sponsor’s details like passport and utility bill. Sponsor can be anyone your Family member our travel agency. The passport copy of traveler is also required.
  • Different certificates like Birth Certificate, Marriage certificate etc endorsed by UAE embassy or Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Travel insurance
  • Photo
List of excursions in Dubai : The list is endless; the travelers can enjoy number of things here in Dubai. Below is few of endless things to do in Dubai for you and your family:
  • Snow Ski Dubai
  • Dubai Creek and Abra Cruise
  • Dubai Museum
  • Dubai Tower
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Desert Safari
  • Palm Islands
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Wild Wadi
  • Diving and snorkeling
  • Dubai Zoo
  • Golf
  • Beautiful beaches
  • Dubailand
Nightlife in Dubai
Though Dubai is an Islamic city then also the nightlife here is absolutely outstanding. You can enjoy the same nightlife as any other parts of the world. The nightlife here is filled with versatility and fun. When you step into the party shoes you will see new persona and new energy which is not found in the day life. Travelers are welcomed here to enjoy the night.
There are numerous nightclubs in dubai to enjoy from. Some are based on themes, some are for ladies and some are for both genders. These clubs charge entry fees and are on higher side. Some clubs are the part of hotels.
Though there are some restrictions, some strict laws are there for alcohol consumptions and dressing. The local restaurants are not allowed to serve the alcoholic drinks. You can only enjoy the drinks at Hotel Bar. In Dubai you should be at least 21 years of age to drink. The clubs closes at 3 AM and you should be minimum 25 Years of age to enjoy the nightclubs.
Shopping in Dubai
The shopping paradise is the second name of DUBAI. Being duty free state people enjoy doing shopping here. All the major brands are here in Dubai and stuff costs pretty low when you buy from here than that of their country of origin.

The Dubai in itself. People around the world are coming here to enjoy here. Dubai has opened lots of entertainment plaza all around along with the wonders of architecture. One must have Dubai Tourist visa in order to come here.

Home of history and culture Germany

The Munich Oktoberfest The paradise for beer’s lovers; there have a lot of concerts of Backhand Beethoven, while buildings like the Neuschwanstein Castle near Fussed and Cologne Cathedral showa bit of the history of this nation that is one of the pillars of the European Union.
By mapping the cities to be visited, gives to choose a little of everything, small and charming Rothenberg Heidelberg and the large metropolises such as Berlin, pulsing with a lively cultural life, night life and shops with products of unique design.

The Wounds of two devastating wars and the separation between the capitalistandcommunistworlds can still be seen throughout the country, especially in Dresden and Berlin, but today the Germans View The future while preserving depast.The transportation system in the country is impeccable, with trains, trams, roads and ultra-modern airports. The Tourist infrastructure has hotels and restaurants well maintained.
English considered second language, which facilitates the lives of tourists. So, instead of using the giant Frankfurt airport just as your gateway to Europe, use it as the start of your journey through this amazing country.
In general, air fares are cheap between November and March(except at the end of the year) and more expensive between June and September. Three cities usually receive most flights: Frankfurt and his giant airport, from where connections to hundreds of destinations in the world, Munich, whose international airport is one of the most modern in Europe, and Berlin, which, from 2012, will concentrate all, air traffic in the region Berlin Brandenburg Airport, currently under expansion.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Discovery Cyprus: the Island of Aphrodite

Cyprus is a diverse country, halfway between Europe and Asia, an ideal holiday country. With a warm climate, Cyprus was the birthplace of Aphrodite; surprised by the unspoiled landscapes of the interior and the disarming generosity of people, for that you need a Cyprus Schengen Visa.

Cyprus is the largest island in the eastern Mediterranean and is situated in south of Turkey. The two main mountain regions (carps north and Triodes in central and southwest part of the island) are separated by the fertile plain of Masuria.

It was the zone of passage times between Europe, Asia and Africa, and there are many traces of successive civilizations (Roman theaters and villas, Byzantine churches and monasteries, Crusader castles and testimonies of prehistoric habitat).

The main economic activities are tourism, exports of clothing, craft and merchant shipping. Embroidery, pottery and copper are the main specialties of traditional crafts.

The local specialties are the traditional mezze, a series of appetizers served as a main dish, helium cheese and brandy zivania.

After the occupation of northern island in Turkey in 1974, the Cypriot, Greek and Turkish communities were separated by called Green Line. The Greek region joined the European Union, but the country is still divided by this "line", patrolled by Turkish and Greek troops and UN peacekeepers. It is possible to cross the border, or the "green line", but only the Republic of Cyprus occupied zone and only for a day.

Cyprus is also known as the island of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, who according the legend, was born here. In the field of culture, stand out, in modern literature. 
The Crafts Are Are Are Are are based on the embroidery,ceramics and works in copper.
During the year a lot of tourists visit the island of Cyprus, the trade has a huge souvenir options in all resorts on the island.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

How to apply for a visit visa

Most tourists must apply for visa foretelling Emirates. Nationals of citizens in 39 countries do not demand Visas before traveling to Dubai. There are professional systems in local to help visitors to get their Visa easily. The type of Visa that you need for entry into the UAE depends on many different factors such as the reason of your visit and duration and your nationality.
Who needs a visa and who doesn’t?
If you are a citizen in the GCC country you do not need a Visa to visit the UAE. You will simply requisite to produce your GCC country passport at the airport.
These kinds of travelers might obtain their Dubai Visa at the airport, upon arrival:
AGCC Residents who are not GCC nationals but who have a high specialize status such as corporation managers, commercial people, accountants, auditors,engineers, doctors, staffs employed in the public segment, their relatives, drivers and personal operate sponsored by them, are capable for a non-renewable 30-day Visa upon arrival at the accepted ports of entry.
National citizens: UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands,Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium,Switzerland, Sweden,Austria,Norway, Portugal, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, Greece, Spain, Monaco, Iceland, Vatican, Andorra,Liechtenstein, San Marion, United States, Australia, New Zealand,Japan, Singapore,Brunei, South Korea,Malaysia, and holders of Hong Kong SAR passports will be allowed a free of charge Visa for a single visit upon arrival in the UAE.

Valid backers are:
• Tourists and hotels can apply for a Visa Tourist (valid for 30 days); or a Visa Service (valid for 14 days); or a Visit Visa (acceptable for 30 days and can be prolonged for other 30 days).
• Travelers can apply for a 96-hour Transit Visa.
Rules for visa application:
• Passport must have at least 6 months validity
• All photo shave to be recent color photo.
Types of Visa:
90 Days Long Visit Visa
• E-form submission with clear personal photograph of the backed person accepted by the sponsor or official signatories.
30 Days Short-visit Visa
E-form request including clear individual photograph of the backed person approved by the sponsors
30 Days Short Visa for Companies
E-form submission including clear personal photograph of the sponsored approved.
90 Days Long Companies Visa
E-form request with clear personal photograph of the sponsored approved or signed.
Student Visa
Sponsor requirement be one of the licensed accepted by the Ministry of Higher Education.
Medical Treatment
Medical Establishments permitted by the Ministry of Health or Health Authority E-forms submission including clear personal photograph of the sponsored person.
Countries upon arrival
• Visa tourists for all Nationalities
• Visa Mission - To be issued to entrepreneurs and greatly qualified professionals
• Visa Transit